Land Navigation ~ New Hampshire

Land Navigation ~ New Hampshire

Land Navigation Course

Next upcoming Course Dates: October 11-13 2022

LocationNew Hampshire - TBD on exact location soon

Duration: 3 days

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Want to be good in the woods?  Can't find your way without your phone?  Our Land Navigation course covers both basic and advanced techniques that will empower the individual to become self-sufficient with map and compass.

This is really a great class that goes beyond shooting.

All fees/deposits for courses and/or competitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. For any concerns or questions please contact us.

Basic equipment list the course:

  • Compass: (3 options): Cammenga Lensatic or D3-T Baseplate, Suunto MC-2 Global Base Plate Compass, or Silva Ranger Base Plate Compass
  • Protractor - Preferrably 2: (recommended type listed here): Military style MGRS/UTM Coordinate Grid Reader and protractor) the recommended style of protractor for this course is linked here:
  • Ranger Beads
  • Map Case: (2 options): Silva A-4 Size / Seal Line Medium
  • Sunblock
  • Water Bottle(s) (3 Liters worth) or Hydration Bladder
  • Meds if you take/need any
  • Lightweight Pack w/ several pockets
  • Small IFAK
  • GPS (optional): recommended type: Garmin Foretrex 601 (it's inexpensive, easy to use, and hands free)

Please be sure to still click the "Additional Information" tab above this course description and view the FULL equipment list.

Additional Information
Duration: 3 Days
Locations: New Hampshire
Open To: Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security Contractor
Types: Sniper Training
Level: Basic
Training Topics: Data Gathering, Land Navigation, Route Selection, Safety, Situational Awareness
Equipment List: Calculator, Camelback Or Other Water System (3 liters worth of water), Compass: Recommended options: Cammenga Lensatic of D3-T baseplate, Suunto MC-2 Global base plate compass, or Silva Ranger base plate compass, Durable Boots or Footwear, GPS: recommended option: Garmin Foretrex 601 (Basic or phone with topo Map app), Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, and Black Marker, Protractor: Military style MGRS/UTM Coordinate grid reader/protractor (we recommend to bring 2), Ranger Beads, Small IFAK, Small notebook & pen, Sunscreen/Sunblock
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