Precision Rifle Helicopter assault

Precision Rifle Helicopter assault

Helo Precision Rifle

Next Course Dates: October 6-9th, 2021

Location: Kingsville, TX

Duration: 4 days

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This course will first cover the fundamentals of marksmanship and theory of aerial platform shooting. There will be two days of range work followed by one and a half days of aerial platform shooting.

Booking & payment are now open for this course. About a month prior to the course an email with further course information, directions to the range, etc. will be sent out to all those signed up for the course.

Course Dates: October 6-9th, 2021

**This course requires prerequisite of at least: Precision Rifle 1 (PR1)

Topics covered:

  • Safety
  • Caliber selection
  • Communications
  • Helo set up
  • Approaches
  • Aerial marksmanship techniques
  • Moving target/moving shooter


This is the short list of topics covered in this course. We will focus on the practical application of marksmanship techniques as they apply to the helicopter platform.

All fees/deposits for courses and/or competitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. For any concerns or questions please contact us.

Additional Information
Duration: 4 days
Round Count: 350 rounds
Open To: Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security Contractor
Types: Rifle
Level: Advanced
Training Topics: Aerial Marksmanship Techniques, Approaches, Caliber Selection, Communications, Helo/Helicopter Set up, Moving Shooter, Moving targets, Safety
Equipment List: 308 rifle or other short action caliber capable of one minute of angle (recommended), Calculator, Eye And Ear Protection, Handgun/Pistol and 2 magazines, Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, and Black Marker, Secure Holster for your handgun/pistol, Two small spiral notebooks or one rifle data book
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