Data Book Cover

Data Book Cover

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Data Book Cover

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The data Book Cover protects your data book from the elements.

Three pockets provide storage for items like index cards, cold bore targets, MIL Dot Master, FDAC Charts etc.

A pen pocket for writing utensils and para cord straps to assists in winds to keep pages where they belong.

Standard on every Data Book cover is a 6.5" x 2" Velcro strip for attaching name tapes or unit patches.

Designed specifically to fit the Rifles Only IMPACT DATA BOOK™.

  • Made in the USA
  • Velcro Strip on Cover for Nametape or patches
  • Industrial zipper closure to protect your data
  • Pockets to carry important items
  • Paracord to keep you on page in windy conditions


Inside dimensions (open/unfolded): 14.5" Wide (7" when folded close) x 9.75" Tall x 2" Thick
Outer dimensions (when zipped closed): 11" Tall x 7.75" Wide x 2" Thick
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