D.F.A.T Gen 2 HD

D.F.A.T Gen 2 HD

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​Dryfire, Focus, Adapter, Training

37 D.F.A.T and 55 D.F.A.T

plus Scope ring attachment.

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​Dryfire, Focus, Adapter, Training

By DST Precision 

This device allows you to use the rifle and optic to dryfire practice in a very small area.  With this adapter most scopes focus in the 11-15 feet range, depth of field is about 6”.  By increasing your parallax distance you can sometimes increase that focal distance.  With proper lighting you can use your scope at maximum magnification.  Perfect for in the house, in the garage or a small backyard.  Use this device to practice different positions, balance points on the rifle, slung vs unslung, various support bag combinations. I have found the D.F.A.T to be extremely valuable in determining how small I can make my "wobble" with non-prone positions.  Usually shooters can get a good idea of their abilities and improvements by dry firing on known "MOA" size targets. 

The Gen 2 version of the DFAT has the aperture lens system held within a threaded aluminum sunshade. This is a very precision fit and be careful. You DO NOT want to cross thread your scope or the adapter.

37 D.F.A.T.- HD   ->Most Universal Size
The 37 D.F.A.T.-HD  has the aperture lens system held within a threaded aluminum sunshade, like other Gen 2 D.F.A.T.’s, It is different than the 55,58,62mm DFAT’s in the fact the glass lens is held in with a threaded retainer. It is possible to remove for cleaning if needed.  This design provides a very secure fitment like lenses in a scope.     

Another advantage of the 37mm Gen 2, is the smaller diameter allows one DFAT to fit more scopes without any barrel clearance issues. In the past we needed additional clearance  since the outside diameter could be larger than the scope you were using it on, examples 62 D.F.A.T.  O.D. 69.5mm, 58 D.F.A.T. O.D. 64.5mm, 55 D.F.A.T. O.D. 60.5mm. 
Currently we have adapter rings to allow the NEW 37 D.F.A.T. to fit the following:
27mm = M27 x 0.75
M47.25 x 0.6 
55mm (D) You can then use the other 55 adapter rings.   
​55 to: (56,57,57.5,58,59,60,671D,62,63, VX50, VX56) 

ALL GEN 2 DFAT's include the "TARGET PACK #2 " 10 - 7.5"x11" High Resolution range images with a variety of targets printed on heavy paper.

62 D.F.A.T.-HD fits: (Larger your scope bell, ensure enough clearance 69.5mm)
62mm fits: Gen 2 Razor 4.5-27x56, Weaver 6-30x56, Several Nightforce scopes with 56mm objectives including the 5-25x56 ATACR, Athlon Cronus 56mm, Revic 4.5-28X56

58 D.F.A.T.-HD fits: (Larger than scope bell, ensure enough clearance 64.5mm)
58mm fits: Kahles K624i, K1050i FT, K525i, Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56, Steiner P4Xi 4-16x56, Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PMII, Minox ZP5 5-25x56

55 D.F.A.T.-HD fits: (Larger than scope bell, ensure enough clearance 60.5mm)
55mm fits: Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25x50, Vortex 15-60x52 Golden Eagle, Vortex 3-9x50 Crossfire, Vortex 4-24x50 Strike Eagle, Vortex 3.5-10x50 Diamondback, Athlon Argos GEN 1 

37 D.F.A.T.-HD fits: ALL adapter ring combination/available will work with this size
37mm fits: Vortex 2-8x32 Diamondback HP, Vortex 1.75-5 Diamondback, Vortex 2-10x32 Viper PST Gen 2, Vortex 2-7x32 Crossfire I.

But more IMPORTANTLY it allows use of all the adapter rings available

37 DFAT-HD with thread adapter works with scope bells very close to barrel.
These are not scope OD this is the inside thread diameter of your scope/sunshade attachment. Consult your scope manufacture for your scope thread pitch/diameter.)

Please see THIS PDF for further size Information.

In the drop down menu when selecting your size DFAT adapter ring to be able to attach your DFAT to your scope, there is the option to purchse the DFAT without a ring incase you need a reaplcement DFAT but still/already have the proper rings, however if you're purchasing a DFAT for the first time, you will need the appropriate ring to attach/use it on your scope. If you are purchasing a D.F.A.T that's 37mm or below for the scope ring, you can get the 37DFAT with the ring size needed to 37mm. If you need a ring size that's only available in "to 55mm" you'll need to also purchase the 55mm to 37mm as a go between connector ring. You also have the option of purchasing the 55 DFAT instead of the 37 DFAT (which is larger in diamter).

THIS PDF has additional information and recommendations from Troy - creator of the DFAT.

ALL GEN 2 DFAT's include the "TARGET RANGE PACK #2 " (includes 10 ranges total - Ranges #'s: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22) - 7.5"x11" High Resolution range images with a variety of targets printed on heavy paper.

For Additional Range Target pack options Click Here to be taken to them.


The D.F.A.T. is great for helping you to find and build stable positions when shooting from a variety of positions.  
Take it one step further!  By picking random shooting environmental data you can get even more out of your practice.

889 yards
12 MPH wind from 3:00
DA= 3000 
Start port arms 60 seconds to get into position and 5 shots off.

I guarantee your 4th time doing that will be way faster than your first.  If you shoot in matches, or practice for hunting this will improve your confidence and speed.  
How comfortable are you with your Ballistics app?  Better to practice now than when you are under pressure.

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