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  1. Basic Defensive Handgun

    2 day Private Instruction Basic Defensive Handgun: Instill's a basic confidence with the handgun

    You must call or email us for available dates & to schedule for this course.

    Learn More
  2. Precision Rifle I & II
    Precision rifle 1&2 combo Learn More
  3. Precision Rifle Helicopter assault

    Helo Precision Rifle Dec. 7-10, 2020

    Learn More
  4. High Angle Precision Rifle Training Colorado
    Fundamentals and Angle Shooting Learn More
  5. Basic Handgun
    Basic Handgun is designed to establish a foundation in the safe, proper, and effective use of a pistol in a defensive role. Subjects covered include safety, drawing, loading, malfunction clearance, stress operation, specialized drills and representations of short range confrontations, night and lowlight firing as well as the proper mindset. These fundamental skills are essential in establishing a strong foundation for applying defensive handgun skills under the physical and mental stress that is prevalent in potentially dangerous encounters. The course is defensive in nature. Learn More
  6. Precision Rifle I (2 Day)
    Focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship. This is a very basic course with a little “attitude”. This is an intense 2 day course for clients on a tight schedule. Learn More
  7. Mover Clinic for Rifle
    This 1 day course at Rifles Only will focus on shooting movers at different speeds, positions, and distances. This clinic will focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship and movers. Learn More
  8. Rifles Only  Field Craft Course

    Field Craft

    Next Course Date: Sept 7-11, 2020

    In support of Rifles Only Assassin's Way 2021 Competition

    Learn More
  9. Alternate Position Clinic ~ Rifle
    Positional Clinic More information below Learn More
  10. 3 Day Precision Rifle 1
    Precision Rifle Course Learn More

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