Battle of the Coyote Competition

Battle of the Coyote Competition

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Duration: 3 days

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The B.O.C. is a match to test you, your skills and your equipment in a field environment. 

Topics tested will be:

  • Safety
  • Marksmanship
  • Target detection
  • Range estimation
  • Land navigation
  • KIMs
  • Situational awareness
  • Use of handgun


Days one and two will consist of field skills with very little marksmanship. There will be no electronics allowed. After a short land navigation, you will be required to find, range and engage a specific set of targets. 

Day three will allow electronics and range finders.

Expect simple and complex KIMs games at any time. 

40 rifle rounds and 25 pistol rounds will be required.


Only suppressed rifles will be allowed. You must provide and carry all of your own equipment. Additionally, you will need your own compass and protractor. This is an individual event. 



Entry fee is $750

Payout is $4,000 for first and $3,000 for second.

**Equipment list will be posted soon - please check back for equipment list**


Additional Information
Duration: 3 days
Round Count: 40 Rifle and 24 Pistol
Open To: Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security Contractor
Types: Pistol/Handgun
Level: Advanced
Training Topics: Fundamentals of Handgun/Pistol Marksmanship, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, KIMs, Land Navigation, Range estimation, Safety, Situational Awareness, Target Detection
Equipment List: 308 rifle or other short action caliber capable of one minute of angle (recommended)
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