About Us

About Rifles Only

The mission of RIFLES ONLY is to provide quality, up to date, and realistic training.

We don't just teach static type shooting, that is easy. That would just make you a good shooter. Well, the world is full of good shooters. Most times being a good shooter has very little to do with being a good fighter. Being a good shooter is important, no doubt.

However, being able to perform under stress is where the difference is made. We provide scenario based training that will make you think. We are not here to dazzle you with a bunch of crap. Operating any weapon system should be taken to the simplest terms possible. There is no voodoo. These skills are learned. They must be practiced because they will go away. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting for your house, loved ones, team mates, or your country. If you are in a fight, then it is what it is. The outcome will depend on what you do whether individually or as a team. We create scenarios that will increase your chances of coming out on top. Below are a few sayings that I like very much. They are paraphrased a bit and I take no credit for their creation.

  • You have the rest of your life to solve this problem.  How long that is depends on you.
  • You will not rise to the occasion; you will default to your training.
  • The proper application of firearms is a lot more about thinking than it is about shooting.

Jacob Bynum