Course Vitals

  • Duration:
    5 day(s)
  • Course Fee:
  • Round Count:
  • Open to:
    Military & Law Enforcement, Private Security Contractor
  • Types:
    Combat Carbine & Handgun Training Course, Applied Combat Training Series, Executive Protection
  • Level:

Training Topics

  • Effectively and safely employ in service weapons (assault rifle, pistol, and shotgun)
  • Conduct CQ combat in urban environments
  • Utilize weapons at extended ranges
  • Use tools and equipment for manual breeching
  • Safe storage of explosives and related equipment
  • Handle/mark PUCS, handle evidence, record data/imagery
  • Establish TTP's in relation to units SOP's for evidentiary train
  • Participate in night training serials (FMP's) with measureable outcomes
  • Validate at short, medium, and extended ranges
  • Escalation of force from unarmed to lethal force (within ROE)
  • Effectively conduct first aid/buddy aid in the field (providing security, stavilise casualty, and deliver a 9 liner)
  • Effectively employ skill sets learned from this course

Equipment List