Rifles Only-  Providing the best in precision firearms training.  From novice to expert, military, law enforcement, hunter, competitor, or civilian enthusiast, we can tailor instruction to fill your specific needs. You may also choose from our wide range of courses, each one specifically designed to give the student the essential fundamental tools, which are the foundation of any marksman.  We pride ourselves on our high instructor to student ratio, combat and match proven fundamentals, and finally our staff; seasoned veterans with real world combat experience, long-range hunting, competitive match shooting, as well as federal and state law enforcement. 

Our course offerings range from: Basic precision rifle, carbine, long range hunting, field craft, pistol/handgun, helicopter assault, high angle rifle, instructor’s education, team tactics, offensive countermeasures, sniper training, Protective Services Detail (PSD), and contractor training.

The Rifles Only armory is equipped to provide students with precision firearms for any of the training courses we offer, including handguns, precision rifles, and carbines. Contact us for more information on specific equipment and rates.

Private instruction is available at RIFLES ONLY. We define it as a group of four persons or less. The private format may be more convenient for your schedule. Precision rifle, carbine, handgun, home defense, or structural clearing can all be done in the private instruction format.