Rifles Only and Tactical Matches ( are teaming up to present a Competition Course.

For those of you that have the desire to compete in one of the many precisioin rifle competitions available in the US, Rifles Only and Tactical Matches are offering a course designed for you.  

Rifles Only has been conducting competitions since the late nineties.  Our course designs have been used time and again to test your gear, shooting ability, stamina, and mindset.  Our events and variations of our events are widely described as some of the best ever created.  

Get a true idea of how to analyze each event in your mind before the closk starts.  Decide how and when to tackle each part of the event for maximum effeciency and accuracy.

The proper application of the precision rifle is much more about thinking than it is about shooting.

Course Vitals

Training Topics

  • Firearms safety and competition etiquette
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Gear selection
  • Prone shooting, strong and support side
  • Alternate and sling supported shooting
  • Moving targets (RO has 3 moving target systems that can be ran simultaneously.  It will allow a wide variation on how you train for moving targets)
  • Range estimatioin
  • Wind clinic
  • Stess drills
This is a short list.  Actual competition events will be broken down in order for the student to objectively analyze their best course of action for completion and high scores.

Equipment List

  • eye and ear protection
  • precision rifle with 400 rounds
  • back pack for gear and ammunition
  • notebook
  • optional handgun